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Full Timetable | Saturday, September 21, 2019 | Shanks Hall, Virginia Tech

Time Shanks 360 Shanks 370/380
8:40-9 Please visit Shanks Hall 340 for coffee and light refreshments.
9-10:15 | Session A Workshop: Intrepid
“Intrepid: The Exploratory Word Processor”
Dashiel Carrera, Virginia Tech
Panel: Rhetoric and Silence
“Dappled Silences: A Rhetorical Inquiry into the Spaces Between Language”
Alisha Scott, Virginia Tech
Jonathan Adams, Virginia Tech
Julie Mengert, Virginia Tech
10:30-11:45 | Session B Panel: Composition and Writing Studies
“DFWI Wept” Derek Mueller, Virginia Tech
“The Ebb and Flow of Theoretical Dappling: Critical Race Theory in Writing Studies Research” Jamila M. Kareem, University of Central Florida
“Taking a Lesson: Music Pedagogy and First-Year Writing” Jared Gibbs, Virginia Tech
“Dappled Disciples? Writing Student Knowledge Production and Dissemination in Composition Studies and Publications” Skyler King, California State University San Bernardino
Panel: Cultural Rhetorics
“Instagram on Fyre: Media Literacy and Demagoguery in the Wake of Fyre Festival” Shannon Roberson, VCU
“Methodological Considerations for (Re)Writing Rhetorical History in Appalachia” Savannah Paige Murray, Virginia Tech
“April 30th 2019: Epideictic Outcry Against Title IX and Sexual Assault Policies at Virginia Tech” G.K. Natishan, Virginia Tech
11:45-1 | Lunch Please see the full program for a list of nearby restaurants we recommend.
1-2 | Plenary Plenary Speaker: Dr. Caddie Alford, “Rhetorical Infrastructure, or the Complicity of Systems.” 30-minute talk, 30-minute Q&A
2:15-3:30 | Session C Workshop: Coding Methods
“Methods for Coding Verbal Data”
Brooke Covington, Virginia Tech
Kelly Scarff, Virginia Tech
Panel: Multilingual First-Year Students
“A Dappled Approach to First-Year Multilingual Students”
Jennifer Lawrence, Virginia Tech
Netta Baker, Virginia Tech
Vanessa L. Ruccolo, Virginia Tech
3:45-5 | Session D Panel: Digital Rhetorics
“Towards a Boundary Genre for Technical Communication” Matt Homer, Virginia Tech
“A Dappled Pedagogy: Teaching Literature Online” Joseph Mack, Virginia Tech
“Data Drive Rhetoric: The Promises and Perils of Data Science Methods in Rhetoric and Writing” Andrew Kulak, Virginia Tech
Roundtable: Composition Theory
“In Praise of Dappledness” Susan B. Mockler, American University; Leslie Jernegan, Virginia Tech; Justin Greene, Virginia Tech; Andre Jones, Virginia Tech; Tim Becker, Virginia Tech; Jaclyn Drapeau, Virginia Tech; Brian Gaines, Virginia Tech; Trevor Snyder, Virginia Tech
5-8 #BeerRhetorics Happy Hour (sponsored by Macmillan Learning) PK's Bar and Grill